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· These rules are posted on the notice board of every classroom and have been brought to the attention of every learner

· Enrolment at this school automatically constitutes acceptance and compliance with these rules and others which may be made from time to time

· Non-compliance with any of the cardinal school rules may result in automatic suspension/expulsion from the school

· Each case will be considered individually and on merit, within the framework of the school policy and procedures

· Learners could be charged and ordered to appear before a school disciplinary committee and/or be subject to due process of the courts, being charged for a criminal offence



1.1 Learner may not damage the School’s image whilst wearing the school uniform or any part thereof sufficient to identify the learner as a learner of the School

1.2 A learner of this school may not be guilty of using abusive or profane language

1.3 A learner may not leave the school property during school hours without the written permission of the Principal or Deputy Principal.

1.4 A learner may not bring cigarettes onto the school property or have cigarettes in his/her possession at any time, or smoke whilst in school uniform.

1.5 A learner may not bring alcohol, narcotics or drugs of any description onto the school property, or partake of such elsewhere in school uniform.

1.6 Knives, firearms and ammunition are strictly prohibited.

1.7 A learner may not wilfully damage or appropriate for himself any property belonging to the school or fellow learners or educators

1.8 A learner will refrain from disobeying, disregarding or wilfully being in default of carrying out a lawful order given to him/her or by word or conduct make himself guilty of insubordination

1.9 A learner may not be guilty of criminal misconduct, fraud, dishonesty, lying, assault, bullying, indecency, or any other misconduct of a serious nature

1.10 A learner will not use the school to promote political objectives

1.11 A learner may not absent himself from detention or any compulsory activity without permission from the Principal

1.12 A learner may not enter School Buildings before and after school or during breaks unless written permission has been obtained from an educator

1.13 A learner may not be on school property after hours unless engaged in a legitimate school activity

1.14 The following areas are out of bounds to learners:
     · The Administration block

     · The School Building during breaks

     · The School Hall

     · The area between the Hall and the Administration block

     · The staff room

     · The areas beyond the perimeter of the School Building – during school hours

     · In the area of the teachers’ cars

     · Near the lawnmowers, sprinkler system or tractor

1.15 Learners may NOT swear at teachers or fellow learners at any time



2.1 Learners may not litter the grounds. Dustbins are provided

2.2 Learners may not run up and down the stairs or corridors

2.3 Learners must walk quickly and quietly when changing classes

2.4 Learners may not absent themselves from any meeting to which they have been called, unless they have permission to do so from the Educator in Charge

2.5 Learners must report any theft or damage to private property immediately. Bicycles must be padlocked. Money or valuables must not be left unattended in blazers or cases. Possessions must be marked. Learner must keep their cases with them at all times during class time.

2.6 Learners must use the staircases correctly – KEEP LEFT!

2.7 Learner must not damage readers or library books issued to them by the School. ALL BOOKS that have not been returned must be replace or paid for

2.8 Learners must supply a note from their parent or guardians after having been absent. No note from other relatives or friends are acceptable. Absenteeism during examinations/tests should be covered by a doctor’s certificate. Truancy in any form is a serious offence

2.9 Learners must ensure that all tests are signed by their parents and returned the following day

2.10 All learners must have a homework diary (provided by the School) for recording their homework and pasting newsletters

2.11 All newsletter must be pasted into the homework diary and signed by the parents weekly

2.12 The disruption of a class by any learner is viewed in a serious light and learners could relinquish his/her privilege of being taught in that particular class. Disruption of classes are in strict violation of school rules

2.13 Learners may not chew gum or eat sweets or sandwiches at any time other than during break time

2.14 Discriminatory behaviour, including racial and religious intolerance will not be tolerated

2.15 Learners must show good behaviour and respect at all times. Educators and visiting adults must be greeted politely

2.16 Each learner must have a suitable bag for carrying his/her books

2.17 Learners must obey the Learner Council members as they exercise the authority of the Principal and the Staff. Disrespect will not be tolerated and learners failing to comply with a reasonable instruction given by an educator, will be in serious trouble

2.18 Learners must switch off their cell phones as soon as they enter the School grounds. No personal phone calls may be made during school hours. If learners do not comply to these rules, cell phones will be confiscated for a period of THREE MONTHS

2.19 All learners are expected to commit themselves to school work

2.20 Failure to do homework, class work or handing of academic task/s is considered a transgression and learners guilty will be punished and marks will be deducted

2.21 All learners will be provided by the parents, with the necessary text books and other resources/stationary necessary for their particular school work

2.22 Learners who are late for school or class will not be tolerated. Arrangement must be made with transport drivers to drop learners on time for school, otherwise other arrangement must be made immediately

2.23 Learners must NOT undo the top button of their shirts when wearing ties.

2.24 Learners may NOT wear coloured T-shirts underneath their clothing if it is visible


2.26 No learner will be allowed to participate for School or House Teams unless he/she is correctly attired

2.27 No fancy or ultra-modern styles will be permitted or allowed. Educators reserve the right to do school uniform and hair inspections as and when required. Incorrect clothing will be confiscated immediately

2.28 No contact sport must be played during break of a teacher is not present

2.29 Report immediately to the teacher on playground duty if a learner gets hurt during break

2.30 Only learners wearing tennis shoes are allowed to go onto the Netball courts

2.31 Visit toilets during break time and NOT after the bell rang for the end of break

2.32 NO learner may take food into the toilet area or throw food etcetera into the toilets

2.33 Close the taps properly after using it

2.34 Gates will be locked during school hours

2.35 Pedestrians must make use of pedestrian crossings and in the afternoons cross the roads where the scholar patrol is on duty

2.36 Learners waiting for transport may NOT play in the streets after school or throw paper on the pavement or in the streets

2.37 During assembly – learners must enter the hall silently and at ALL times behave orderly

2.38 When a learner is sick, he/she must go the office alone – no friends tagging along

2.39 No photocopies may be made by learners in the administration office

2.40 Learners who want to see the principal, must make an appointment at the secretaries

2.41 When a learner is on the corridor during class time, he/she must have a card of the teacher who sent him/her

2.42 Junior Primary learners must stay in their own class for waiting class if they are waiting for brothers, sisters or transport

2.43 Skateboards, wheelies and roller skates/blades are not allowed on the school ground